Veteran Kills Three Hostages, Himself, at CA Treatment Center

Albert Wong, a veteran who had been asked to leave a program where he was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, returned to kill three women working at the program and then committed suicide.

A military veteran who had been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder burst into a veterans home in the northern California town of Yountville on Friday with a rifle, killed three women connected with the treatment program and then killed himself, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Law enforcement officers found the bodies of the victims and the killer at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville around 6 p.m., more than seven hours after the incident began, said Chris Childs of the California Highway Patrol.

Gunman Albert Wong was holding staff members of the Pathway Home, a program on the Veterans Home campus that had been treating him for PTSD until he was asked to leave several days ago. He killed the program’s director, Christine Loeber, Dr. Jen Golick, a therapist with the program, and Dr. Jennifer Gonzales, a psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs in San Francisco. Wong walked into a staff meeting of Pathway Home at 10:30 a.m. He later exchanged fire with a Napa County sheriff’s deputy, whom Childs credited with preventing the killer from “finding other victims.” The gunman took the three women hostage, along with two additional unidentified people whom he released. He barricaded himself with the hostages inside a room on the 9,000-acre Veterans Home campus.