Road Rage Cited in Spike in Kansas City Shootings

Kansas City authorities say at least 10 roadway shootings have occurred since Aug. 17 on the east and south sides. Police say they appear to be random incidents by a number of shooters. “It’s ridiculous,” said a police spokeswoman.

A recent series of at least 10 shootings on roadways in Kansas City has stoked fears of another “highway shooter,” reports the Kansas City Star. But police say the shootings appear to be random, not a pattern by a single individual. “There are a lot of recklessly minded people out there with guns,” said Kansas City police spokeswoman Sgt. Kari Thompson. “It’s ridiculous.” She said highways are safe and most people hit were unintended victims of random gunshots or caught in crossfire.

Kansas City drew national attention in 2014, when Mohammed Whitaker was sentenced to 30 years for shooting into cars in south Kansas City. The latest incidents are being investigated as isolated cases. Road rage likely played a role in some. Some people have been injured; one was found dead. Vehicles have been damaged. Police say at least 10 shootings have occurred since Aug. 17 on Bruce Watkins Drive, U.S. 71 and Interstate 435, mostly on the city’s east and south sides.