Fired NYC Doctor Kills Colleague in Shooting Spree

Wearing a white lab coat, Henry Bello opened fire on former colleagues in Bronx Lebanon Hospital. He eventually killed another doctor and then himself.

A doctor who was fired from New York City’s Bronx Lebanon Hospital returned to his former workplace with an assault rifle and a deadly grudge Friday afternoon, shooting seven employees and killing one of them, before turning his weapon on himself after failing to set himself on fire, the New York Daily News reports. Shooter Henry Bello, 45, was found dead sprawled out on a hospital hallway from a self-inflicted gunshot wound with the victim he killed nearby, said New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill.The Daily News referred to Bello as a former employee; several other sources said he was a family medicine physician.)

Wearing a white lab coat, Bello began his rampage at about 2:45 p.m., opening fire several times at his former colleagues on the hospital’s 16th floor. His shooting spree ended one floor above. Mayor Bill de Blasio said five of his victims were in serious condition. Another suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. “As you know, the shooter killed himself but not before having done horrible damage,” de Blasio said. As shots rang out, panicked patients and hospital personnel barricaded themselves in their rooms.