Baltimore Police Swarm Over Area Where Detective Was Killed

Sean Suiter, an 18-year police veteran, was shot and killed Wednesday while investigating a homicide in West Baltimore’s notoriously violent Harlem Park neighborhood. The 43-year-old detective was a husband and father of five.

Police swarmed over West Baltimore Friday in a search for the gunman who shot and killed a Baltimore detective on Wednesday, reports the city’s Sun. Federal ATF officers in tactical gear were on the streets in the neighborhood where the shooting took place, and an armored police vehicle was on the scene as well. Rewards of nearly $170,000 are being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. Detective Sean Suiter, an 18-year veteran of the city police force, was shot while investigating another killing in the notoriously violent Harlem Park neighborhood in West Baltimore. He died Thursday at Maryland Shock Trauma. The 43-year-old detective was a husband and father of five. Described as a dedicated officer, Suiter joined the city’s homicide unit in 2015.

After the shooting, police went door-to-door looking for the suspect. For hours, they maintained a wide perimeter around the 900 block of Bennett Place, with officers taking cover around corners. A police helicopter swirled overhead, shining a light onto the rowhomes — many of them vacant — below. The location, near U.S. 40 and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, has seen much of the violence that has plagued the city. More than a dozen people have been shot or killed in that area in recent years. Two people were shot near the corner — one of them fatally — on July 18. Three people were killed in a single incident there last December.