OH Inmate Avoids Execution When Medics Can’t Find Vein

Prison officials called off the lethal-injection execution of Alva Campbell Jr., 69, after medical personnel spent 25 minutes trying to find a suitable vein in Campbell’s arms and right leg. The convicted killer’s execution was rescheduled for June 2019.

Convicted killer Alva Campbell Jr. received a rare reprieve from his scheduled execution in Ohio Wednesday when medical personnel were unable to locate a vein to absorb the three-drug cocktail used as part of the lethal injection process, says the Dayton Daily News. His execution was rescheduled for June 15, 2019. Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued the reprieve after the execution was halted by Ohio prisons director Gary Mohr, acting on the recommendation of his medical staff. The staff spent at least 25 minutes in an unsuccessful effort to find a suitable vein in Campbell’s arms and right leg. While this was happening, Campbell, 69, lay in a partially seated position on a gurney in the prison execution chamber in Lucasville.

Campbell shed tears and shook hands with two of the medical staffers attending to him after they were unable to proceed with the execution process. “He’s pretty happy,” David Stebbins, Campbell’s federal public defender, said of his client after the execution was stopped. “He said, ‘This is a day I will never forget.’” Campbell was sentenced to death for fatally shooting Charles Dials, 18, in 1997 after stealing his truck during an escape from custody. Dials’ kin were witnesses in the execution facility. Mohr spoke to them afterward. “I told them that we did our best to comply with the law, to comply with the death warrant, but the methodology that we have to use is lethal injection, and our staff, as good as they are, and as experienced as they are could not get the drugs into the veins,” Mohr said. “I can’t imagine what it’s like for them. I cannot imagine traveling to Lucasville and not having result. I can’t imagine.”

from https://thecrimereport.org