Drones Become Increasing Security Risk at MI Prisons

For the third time this year, drones have been used in attempts to smuggle contraband into a Michigan prison. Three men are charged in an Aug. 17 drone incursion loaded with three cells phones, razors and marijuana.

Drones are emerging as the latest threat to Michigan prison security, but experts are divided about how to deal with them as the state prosecutes three Detroit men charged with using an aerial vehicle to deliver contraband inside a prison, reports the Detroit News. The Aug. 17 drop of three cells phones, razors and marijuana at a correctional facility in Ionia was the third known drone intrusion at a Michigan prison this year. Other drone attempts, including a toy topped with two propellers, crashed into state correctional facilities or glided over the wall with no payloads.

In the latest case, three suspects were arrested near the prison and charged with felony smuggling. Experts say the incidents are becoming more frequent across the nation. Although some say the risk can be met by increasing security measures like having more guards scan the skies for drones, others say there’s not much that can be done without policy changes. Drones represent “a very serious threat to any prison in the United States,” said Daniel Vasquez, a California security consultant and former warden. He says prison guards should be authorized to shoot down drones. Another expert says prisons should be allowed to jam drone signals to shut them down, the the FCC forbids that.

from https://thecrimereport.org