NY Columnist Credited in Charlottesville Beating Arrests

The dogged work of Shaun King, who recently left the New York Daily News, led to the identification of two white men now charged in the viral-video beating of a black man during the white supremacist rally. He says he is surprised by the lack of police enterprise.

Shaun King, who recently left his position as a New York Daily News columnist, deserves credit for identifying two of the white assailants who attacked a black man named DeAndre Harris in a parking garage during the Aug. 12 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., reports the Washington Post. Video showed Harris, 20, being set upon by six men who kicked him to the ground and pummeled him with what appeared to be wooden sticks and a large board. Harris sustained a spinal injury and a deep head laceration that required 10 staples, according to his Philadelphia-based attorney, S. Lee Merritt. Over the next few days, King took it upon himself to do what law enforcement agencies apparently weren’t doing: identify the six attackers so they could be arrested.

King, who is now a writer in residence at a project at Harvard Law School, scoured the Web to match old photos of the attackers with images from the Charlottesville fight. He bore down deep into Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, looking for associates of the men who could confirm first and last names. As of Thursday, King was credited with identifying two of the alleged assailants: Daniel P. Borden, 18, of Ohio and Alex Michael Ramos, 33, of Georgia. Both were arrested in their home states and charged with malicious wounding. King is still trying to identify the others, but he said local and state police and the FBI told him most of their information is coming from his social media posts. “Something had me thinking that the FBI was so sophisticated, that they were running these photos through databases,” King said. “But they openly said that the only guys they knew were the two guys I had identified. My thought was, ‘This can’t be real.'”

from https://thecrimereport.org