NRA Takes on Washington Post in Video

The National Rifle Association took aim at the newspaper in an NRA TV video after the Post published a story about an NRA video that was criticized for inciting violence toward liberals.

The National Rifle Association targeted the Washington Post in an NRA TV video posted to social media yesterday, suggesting the paper should change its slogan from “Democracy dies in darkness” to “Journalism dies at The Washington Post,” reports USA Today. For years, the Post “has tarnished gun owners in an effort to take away our Second Amendment freedoms,” says the video, narrated by conservative radio personality Grant Stinchfield. The “fake news outlet” ran a “blatantly false” report tying the NRA to Russia, Stinchfield says.

Stinchfield accuses the Post of “refusing to cover the extremist beliefs and tactics” of activists like DeRay Mckesson and Carmen Perez.  “And liberal politicians like Chuck Schumer and Al Franken who refuse to condemn them,” Stinchfield continues, as ominous music plays. He went after the paper for its story looking at new NRA videos that focus on politics rather than firearms. A recent NRA video was seen by some as inciting violence toward liberals. That video was part of the inspiration for a protest last week in front of NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Va., which was organized by the Women’s March.