Ex-U.S. Attorney Bharara Launching Podcast Series

Former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, who was removed by President Trump as U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, is starting a podcast, “Stay Tuned With Preet,” to discuss justice and fairness issues. 

Ever since President Trump fired him in March, former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara has returned fire with his own legal critiques of the president’s actions via Twitter. Now, the former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan is launching a podcast, “Stay Tuned With Preet,” to discuss justice and fairness issues — including, potentially, the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the circumstances of his firing, reports USA Today.

Bharara, 48, plans to address his firing in one of the first podcasts, “so people will understand the context from which I’m speaking.” He says his podcast series is meant to be a broad examination of new and ongoing justice and fairness issues, such as the role of the press in a democracy, and judicial issues. Joining him will be prosecutors, judges, Department of Justice officials and investigative reporters. “I’m not doing a weekly podcast to throw bombs. I’m a private citizen, I’m not special counsel [Robert] Mueller,” Bharara says. Already, for his nearly half-million Twitter followers, Bharara has been a regular critic of Trump and his administration’s legal positions and a frequent commentator on the ongoing Russia investigation. His 140-character missives perhaps hint about the tone he’ll take in the podcasts. He has accused the president and his administration of  being “un-American” and “legal undermining of democratic norms.”

from https://thecrimereport.org