TX Gun Controller Says National Groups Should Stay Out

Texas Gun Sense wants local advocates to work with the state’s Republicans on firearms issues and not have national groups invading the state with demands.

After the deadliest shooting in Texas history, Texas gun control advocates say they don’t want national groups marching into the state demanding stricter gun control measures, McClatchy Newspapers reportAfter the Sutherland Springs church shooting left 26 people dead, the Austin-based Texas Gun Sense, which promotes gun control, said it’s looking for measures it can introduce with the support of Republicans in Austin, who control every level of power in the state. The group wants Texans to lead their own response to the shooting, rather than well-heeled national groups that have criticized what they called lenient gun laws.

Ed Scruggs of Austin, a Texas Gun Sense board member, said, “The gun issue is different in Texas, it has a meaning in the fabric of the social society here … Instead of relying on communication from outside of the state, we feel it’s important for our lawmakers to hear from people in our community.” Everytown for Gun Safety, a national gun control group, declined to say whether it would consider that request. The group has called for more gun control in Texas. The Texas-based group Texas Gun Sense is focused on legislative solutions for gun violence prevention and public safety, increased background checks, increased mental health care and suicide prevention. So far, Texas Republicans have not shown a willingness to budge. Texas’ GOP Gov. Greg Abbott defended the state’s gun laws, saying the current policy should have kept the shooter from purchasing a gun.

from https://thecrimereport.org