More Guns Than Cars, More Gun Stores Than Coffee Shops

Those are some of the facts about guns in the United States compiled by The Trace. Another one of 14 presented by the website: Gun thefts appear to be rising, and cars are especially hot targets.

On the second anniversary of its founding The Trace lists 14 facts about guns in the United States. Here are a few of them: There’s not really a federal ban on gun-violence research. It’s actually a prohibition on the Centers for Disease Control’s doing research to “advocate or promote gun control. There are more murders in Chicago each year than in New York and Los Angeles combined, but New Orleans is the deadliest U.S. city in terms of murders per capita. In the U.S., a woman is shot by her partner every 16 hours. The National Rifle Association is particularly influential at the state level: A majority of legislators in 32 states have a grade of A- or better from the gun group.

A few more salient facts: The U.S. has more guns than cars and more gun stores than coffee shops. Gun suicides are on the rise in 21 states. Gun thefts appear to be the rise, and cars are especially hot targets.  Just 22 percent of owners who acquired a gun within the past two years reported doing so without screening. That’s a significant drop from the 40 percent statistic used by politicians and researchers for two decades. Finally, for every person shot and killed, two more are wounded by guns and survive.