Wray Working to Improve Diversity at FBI

Christopher Wray, who became director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in August, is “impatient” that two-thirds of the bureau’s 13,000 agent force are white men. Only 4.4 percent of agents are African American.

Christopher Wray, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, says  one of his top priorities is to improve diversity in the bureau’s ranks, the Wall Street Journal reports. “The reality is we are very focused on trying to make sure our workforce better reflects America,” Wray told the International Association of Chiefs of Police, meeting in Philadelphia. “And it doesn’t as much as it should, not nearly. A lot of attention is being paid to it. We are starting to see some progress. But I’m impatient with the level of progress we have achieved.” More than 67 percent of the 13,000 FBI agents are white men and 16 percent  are white women,  while 4.4 percent are African American and about 7 percent are Hispanic. Wray is working with FBI officials and groups that represent minorities in law enforcement  to improve those figures. “We are going to try harder,” he said.

Wray said his “immediate priority has been to bring a sense of calm and stability to the bureau”–a nod to the dramatic way he found himself leading the agency. He was sworn in August 2, a little over three months after President Trump’s abrupt and controversial firing of James Comey. Wray said has been most struck by how the FBI had become much better at integrating intelligence into its work since he worked in the Justice Department from 2001 to 2005. He also is impressed by how the bureau had improved at joining with other law enforcement agencies, whether  city police forces, or federal or foreign agencies, on everything from gang to terrorism investigations. “We are in a uniquely difficult period for American law enforcement,” he said.

from https://thecrimereport.org