Wray Formally Installed as FBI Director

Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls Wray “right for his time.” President Trump, who fired James Comey as the bureau’s director, didn’t attend, and neither did Comey or Special Counsel Robert Mueller, another ex-FBI chief.

Christopher Wray was formally installed as the FBI’s eighth director on Thursday. The president and former bureau directors usually appear at such events, but President Trump, James Comey and Robert Mueller didn’t attend, reports USA Today. The awkwardness of possible interactions between Trump and the FBI director he fired, and the other former director now leading an investigation that shadows his administration never materialized.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who endorsed Comey’s removal, called Wray “right for the time” and his installation a “good day for America.” Sessions said, “It’s not about him, but about security, justice and the law. He has no hidden agendas.” Wray, former chief of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, where he worked under Comey during the George W. Bush administration, invoked the name of each of his predecessors – including Comey and Mueller – saying that “today’s FBI builds on that remarkable history.” During the 9/11 attacks, Wray was among the top federal officials who worked for days from a suite of offices in the building where he will now occupy the director’s suite. “When we need people to go where others fear to tread, we turn to you again and again,” he told FBI staffers. “The threats we face are significant, the premium on vigilance doesn’t stop.”

from https://thecrimereport.org