Baltimore PD Evidence-Planting Probe Widens

More than 100 drug and gun cases could be dismissed as officials scrutinize the work of at least five cops implicated in the scandal, which came to light thanks to their own body camera video.

Baltimore prosecutors are dismissing felony drug and gun charges in 34 cases pegged on the testimony of three police officers under scrutiny after one of them was accused of planting drug evidence while being recorded by his own body camera, reports the Baltimore Sun. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby also said her office flagged a second body camera video in a separate case that raised further questions for prosecutors. Police said the new case involves two arrests and the recovery of drugs from a car during a traffic stop. A gap in the video preceding “the final recovery of additional drugs” is being investigated, officials said.

Mosby said some of the 34 cases linked to the officers in the first video have been dismissed and others will be soon. “The credibility of those officers has now been directly called into question,” Mosby said. Prosecutors decided they could not proceed with cases that would have required the testimony of the three officers. Another 77 cases are under review. The controversy sprung from a review of body-worn camera video from one of the officers that was submitted as evidence in a January drug case. The footage shows the officer placing a soup can containing a plastic bag full of white capsules into a trash-strewn lot. He is then seen activating his body camera and retrieving the drugs.