With Courts Swamped, Trump Seeks Fast-Track Deportations

With bottlenecks at immigration courts, the administration wants to use “expedited removal” to deport undocumented migrants who have recently arrived. That strategy has been used for two decades near the border, but Trump wants to expand its use across the nation.

Immigration arrests have jumped by nearly 35 percent during the Trump presidency, reports Reveal. They’re happening at courthouses, restaurants and in front of people’s homes. Anyone who isn’t authorized to be in the country – from gang members to church pastors – is fair game. These high-profile arrests put immigrants on high alert and attract media attention, but the actual number of deportations has dropped, in part, because overwhelmed immigration courts can’t keep up. The Trump administration has a plan to solve this problem: It wants to dramatically expand the authority of on-the-ground officers to expel immigrants without a judge’s review.

While the move has gotten far less attention than splashy raids and the border fence, it has the potential to radically change immigration enforcement nationwide. But there are already flaws in the current system. And legal experts are raising questions about whether the expansion would violate the U.S. Constitution, and would lead to the wrong people being deported. This fast-track deportation is called “expedited removal,” and it was designed to quickly deport a certain kind of migrant: those who had recently arrived. For the past two decades, it has been used in a more targeted way near the border. Past administrations have expanded it gradually. Trump’s proposed expansion would take it across the nation.

from https://thecrimereport.org