TX Execution Delayed Amid Confession Rumor

Houston serial killer Anthony Shore was about to be executed when a prosecutor asked for a delay based on reports that Shore would confess to a murder, for which another death row inmate was already convicted.

The execution of Houston serial killer Anthony Shore was rescheduled hours away from his pending death after officials began to worry he would confess to another murder, the Texas Tribune reports. Shore, 55, was set for execution after 6 p.m. Wednesday. The district attorney from Montgomery County asked Gov. Greg Abbott and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg for more time to look into rumors that Shore would confess to a murder in which another death row inmate was convicted.

Montgomery County DA Brett Ligon cited “evidence suggesting that Shore has conspired with death row inmate Larry Ray Swearingen and intends to falsely claim responsibility for the capital murder of Melissa Trotter — the crime for which Swearingen is currently scheduled to be executed on November 16.” Ogg then moved to delay Shore’s execution until January 18. She said the execution is still “inevitable.”

from https://thecrimereport.org