Trump Lawyer Says President Isn’t Firing Mueller

Ty Cobb, an attorney for President Trump, says he is not considering the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller. Cobb issued a statement after another Trump lawyer, John Dowd, seemrf to be laying the groundwork for dismissing Mueller. Dowd called the special counsel’s probe “corrupted” by political bias.

John Dowd, President Trump’s lawyer, asked the Justice Department to shut down the special counsel probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election immediately, the Washington Post reports. Dowd said the investigation led by Robert Mueller was fatally flawed early on and “corrupted” by political bias. He called on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to end it, who oversees that probe, to shut it down. Dowd first told the Daily Beast he was speaking on Trump’s behalf but then told the Post he was not.

In a Saturday afternoon tweet, Trump criticized “leaking, lying and corruption” in federal law enforcement agencies, but he stopped short of echoing Dowd’s call for an end to the Mueller probe. If Dowd’s statement reflected Trump’s legal strategy, it would represent a significant shift in the president’s approach to the Mueller investigation. Trump’s lawyers and spokesmen have pledged that he and his staff would cooperate fully with Mueller’s probe. The White House has responded to requests for documents, while senior officials have sat for hours of interviews with the special counsel’s investigators. The Post says the Dowd statement “seems to lay the groundwork for either firing Mueller or a political clash over anything illegal Mueller does find.” President Trump is not considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, White House attorney Ty Cobb said Sunday evening.