Three Seattle Officers Shot Making Robbery Arrests

Three suspects are all teenagers. One was found dead and another was arrested. The shooting created a chaotic scene in downtown Seattle.

Three Seattle police officers were shot while trying to arrest robbery suspects downtown yesterday before one of the suspects barricaded himself in a nearby building where he was later found dead, reports the Seattle Times. A male officer, who was shot in the face, was in serious condition. A female officer, whose Kevlar vest saved her from a life-threatening gunshot wound to the chest, was treated at a hospital and released. A third officer suffered a hand wound and was treated at a hospital.

One suspect, a 17-year-old girl, was arrested near the shooting scene about 45 minutes after the officers were shot. The two other suspects, including the one found dead, are 19-year-old men, police said. The shooting created a chaotic scene downtown as police flooded the area and ordered office workers to stay inside and closed off downtown streets, causing gridlock until the start of the evening commute.