Six Arkansas Inmates Hold Three Officers Hostage

It was the second major disturbance at the state’s maximum security unit in Tucker in less than a month. A guard fired three warning shots last month after two guards and an inmate were attacked.

Six inmates snatched keys from three correctional officers at a maximum security prison in Arkansas and held the officers in an area of the facility for about three hours, the second major disturbance to occur at the penitentiary in less than a month, the Associated Press reports. The Arkansas Department of Correction said the inmates overpowered the officers and took the keys during recreation call at the Maximum Security Unit in Tucker, 30 miles southeast of Little Rock.

The disturbance occurred a week after officials said a guard at the same prison had fired three warning shots into the air on July 22 after two guards and an inmate were attacked. The department said it was not informed of the shots fired until it was reported by the Arkansas Times. The maximum security prison has a capacity of 532 inmates and has 295 employees.