San Antonio Prosecutor Loses Primary Election

Defense lawyer Joe Gonzales defeated San Antonio District Attorney Nico LaHood in Tuesday’s primary election. The DA says he was the subject of “$1 million worth of lies,” citing contributions from a political action committee backed by George Soros. Gonzales accused LaHood of misconduct.

San Antonio District Attorney Nico LaHood conceded the Democratic primary, according to reports from inside his election night party, reports the San Antonio Express-News. LaHood barred Express-News journalists from attending the event. Defense lawyer Joe Gonzales has 60 percent of the vote in early results from his bid to unseat LaHood in the Democratic primary with 5 percent of precincts reporting. LaHood, who was trying to win a second term, has had a bruising race with Gonzales. Their confrontation dates to a 2017 murder trial in which Gonzales alleged prosecutorial misconduct by LaHood.

Gonzales, a relative political unknown as recently as a few months ago, has been aidedby an influx of donations from a George Soros backed political action committee, reports KSAT. LaHood said, “In my opinion, the voters were unfairly influenced by $1 million worth of lies. There’s no other way to say it. But we have a system and the voters have spoken. And I respect their voice.” Gonzales said LaHood “didn’t have the correct temperament to run that office. I’ve said from the very beginning, ‘You have to treat everybody at the courthouse with respect.’ “