OK Court Frees Teen, He is Accused of Murder

After a prosecutor urged a judge to keep a teenager in custody so he would not “hurt or kill a homeowner,” the judge released him. Eleven days later, he was accused of killing a teacher and raping a woman, 81.

An Oklahoma youth, Deonte Green, appeared in juvenile court less than two weeks before he is alleged to have raped an 81-year-old woman and killed a teacher in a robbery attempt. The judge released the 16-year-old on probation despite prosecutor concerns that he would “hurt or kill a homeowner,” the Tulsa World reports. Middle school geography teacher Shane Anderson was fatally shot in front of his wife and daughters on October 1 in his home during a scuffle with a would-be robber. Police say that earlier that afternoon, Green had raped an 81-year-old woman after forcing her and her elderly husband to drive him to an ATM and withdraw cash. They allege that he robbed another woman and another couple at gunpoint that day.  The violent crimes happened 11 days after Green stood in court and 25 days before he was expected back for adjudication of several juvenile cases.

Prosecutor Julianne Burton argued during Green’s hearing for detention until placement at a juvenile facility rather than release. “One of my main concerns about Deonte was that he continued to break into people’s homes and, not steal televisions or game consoles, but instead always zeroed in on firearms,” Burton said. “I argued that Deonte was either going to be shot by a homeowner rightfully protecting their home and family or that he was going to hurt or kill a homeowner he came across.” Judge Bill Hiddle said Green didn’t meet requirements for the prosecutor’s requested placement into custody of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs. Ivan Orndorff of the Tulsa County Bar Association’s Juvenile Section said Orndorff also said the juvenile system is statutorily constructed to be “therapeutic and rehabilitative,” not punitive like adult courts.

from https://thecrimereport.org