Limo Firm Operator Charged With Homicide After 20 Deaths

The operator of a New York limousine firm was arrested after one of his vehicles crashed in upstate New York and killed 20 people. The state transportation department said the limousine “should not have been on the road,” said State Police Superintendent George Beach.

After a limousine crashed in upstate New York and killed 20 people, investigators bore down on the limousine company, which had a record of repeated safety violations. On Wednesday, they arrested its operator outside Albany and charged him with criminally negligent homicide, the New York Times reports. The operator, Nauman Hussain, had been issued written violations this year after vehicle inspections by the State Police and the state Department of Transportation, said State Police Superintendent George Beach. Hussain is the son of Shahed Hussain, the owner of Prestige Limousine.

The driver whom Nauman Hussain hired — Scott Lisinicchia, who died in the accident — “should not be operating the type of vehicle involved in Saturday’s crash,” Beach said. Hussain had ignored orders from the transportation department that the limousine “should not have been on the road,’’ Beach said. Hussain, 28, was taken into custody during a traffic stop. The arrest came four days after a stretch limousine, rented out by Prestige, ran through a stop sign, struck two pedestrians and a parked car, and landed in a shallow ravine. All 17 passengers and the limousine’s driver were killed, as were two pedestrians. The company, which was doing business out of a low-budget hotel north of Albany, has been visited several times since the crash by State Police investigators, who also want to interview the elder Hussain, a 62-year-old former FBI informant.