FL Prisons on Lockdown Over Possible Disruptions

The state canceled visitations and limited inmate movements after hearing word of a planned prisoner disruption. Authorities say the plan was linked to a Millions of Prisoners Human Rights March scheduled for Saturday in Washington, D.C.

All Florida correctional facilities are on a partial lockdown, after officials canceled visitation for this weekend, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The lockdown means that inmates can move within some of the prisons’ indoor areas — including day rooms, phone areas, showers and meal halls — but cannot go outdoors to prison yards or participate in recreational programs. “It was out of an abundance of caution from the intelligence we received,” said corrections spokeswoman Ashley Cook.

On Wednesday, the department announced that it had canceled all visitation across the state for Saturday and Sunday, except for the department’s work-release centers. Officials said they received “credible intelligence” about planned disruptions. Officials declined to say how many facilities were involved, what the possible disruptions may be, and how they found out about them. The state said visitation will be restored “as soon as possible.” A group of prisoners’ advocates is planning a rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday called the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March. Cook said the department’s decisions were not related to the march itself, but that inmates’ planned actions may be related to the same cause. There were 97,794 inmates in 148 Florida facilities at the end of June. The department has an annual budget of $2.4 billion.

from https://thecrimereport.org