Black MO Man Accuses Police After Loft Episode

A St. Louis man says police officers “treated me like a criminal” after a white neighbor tried to block him from entering his downtown loft. A video got five million Facebook views.

Videos showing a white neighbor blocking a black man from entering his downtown St. Louis loft got national attention, with more than five million views on Facebook. The man who was followed by the woman to his apartment said he is “looking into legal options” in light of how St. Louis police handled the situation. He also said that the woman falsely accused him of attacking her, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. D’Arreion Toles, 24, was trying to enter his home Friday night when a white woman guiding a dog on a leash blocks him and asked what unit he lives in, show videos he posted to Facebook. The post says the videos show what it’s like to be a black man in America. “I’m uncomfortable,” the woman says in the video, arguing that he pushed his way into the building.

“OK, you can be uncomfortable,” says Toles. He tells her he used a key to get in and said he didn’t have to give her his unit number. The video shows the woman getting into an elevator with Toles and following him to his apartment. The woman watches as Toles enters with a key. Toles said he was “accosted, harassed and stalked” by the woman, who “got in my face, demanded to see my key fob, and proceeded to berate me and harass me for merely trying to go home after a long day of work.” Thirty minutes later, St. Louis officers knocked on his door, presumably called by the woman. Toles says the woman claimed he “choked and assaulted her,” which Toles denies. Toles said police “treated me like a criminal until they viewed the video recording that I made.” The woman’s employer, Tribeca-STL Management, a property management company, said she was fired.