Advocate Martin Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Before he quit his advocacy organization JustLeadershipUSA in December, Glenn Martin was accused by other criminal justice reformers of sexual misconduct, the New York Times reports.

Glenn E. Martin, founder of the advocacy group JustLeadershipUSA, is an ex-convict who earned a college degree in a New York prison while serving a sentence for armed robbery. He has been an advocate ofclosing New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex. As his reputation as a fund-raiser and advocate grew in recent years, so, did talk that he was using his professional prominence to pursue sexual relationships with women who were drawn to the criminal justice reform movement, and in some instances engaging in sexual misconduct, the New York Times reports

The organization found no misconduct by Martin, but in December, he quit, telling the board that his leaving was in the best interests of the organization. The Times reports that an employee of the organization was paid $25,000 in 2015 as part of an agreement that concealed her allegations that Martin had groped and propositioned her in his apartment during what was supposed to be a work meeting. Two other women, both of whom work for criminal justice nonprofits, said they were subjected to lewd acts by  Martin. Martin, 47, through an attorney, denied any inappropriate conduct with the former employee or with the other two women.