ACLU Launches “MeetYourDA” Campaign in California

With help from tech companies in Northern California, the American Civil Liberties Union starts a website designed to help the public learn what their district attorney does.

Many people don’t pay much attention to their district attorneys, let alone realize they are elected officials, says Ana Zamora of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. That was the genesis for MeetYourDA, a campaign that started this week. It aims to hold California district attorneys accountable to criminal justice reform and put district attorney races on the map, Zamora said. MeetYourDA, a collaborative effort between the ACLU and Elefint Designs, makes it easy for constituents to learn who their county’s district attorney is and how they stand on certain policy issues, reports TechCrunch. Through the MeetYourDA platform, constituents can easily contact their DAs.

The  project came about through a “design sprint,” dubbed Desgnit, over Memorial Day weekend where a group of product designers from Facebook, Glassdoor and other tech companies volunteered their time to help the ACLU. The site starts with a motion graphic narrated by Grammy award-winning artist John Legend. Legend explains what a DA does, describing them as the most powerful elected officials you probably didn’t know about.  “People … believe that the job of a DA and/or prosecutor is to send people to jail or prison,” says Zamora. “We’re pushing back on that as a myth because a DA is a public servant and their job is to seek justice and not to put people behind bars.”