66 Law Enforcers Died in Crimes Last Year, Up from 41

An annual FBI report says 17 officers were ambushed and 13 were answering disturbance calals, including seven domestic violence cases. Firearms were used in 62 of the 66 felonious deaths.

Sixty-six law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2016, a large increase from the 41 officers killed in 2015, the FBI reports. Among the 66 deaths, 17 were ambushed, 13 were answering disturbance calls (seven were domestic disturbance calls), nine were investigating suspicious persons/circumstances, six were engaged in tactical situations, five were performing investigative activities, four were conducting traffic pursuits/stops, three were investigating drug-related matters, and three were victims of unprovoked attacks.

Offenders used firearms in 62 of the 66 felonious deaths. These included 37 incidents with handguns, 24 incidents with rifles, and one incident with a shotgun. Four officers were killed with vehicles used as weapons. Of the 66 officers killed, 50 were wearing body armor at the times of the incidents. Fourteen of the 66 slain officers fired their service weapons, and 10 officers attempted to fire their weapons. Three victim officers had their weapons stolen; one officer was killed with his own weapon.


from https://thecrimereport.org