UT Hospital Bars Nurses From Police Interactions

CEO of University Hospital praises nurse Alex Wubbels, who was arrested after refusing to draw blood from an unconscious accident victim without his consent.

Administrators at Salt Lake City’s University Hospital have changed policies so nurses, like the one who was arrested earlier this summer for refusing to draw a patient’s blood, no longer interact with police, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Gordon Crabtree, hospital CEO, said Alex Wubbels upheld hospital policy and patient privacy. “Her actions are nothing less than exemplary,” Crabtree said. ”She handled the situation with utmost courage and integrity.” Wubbels told the “TODAY Show” that she released the police body camera video last week because she believed the university and its police force had not appropriately responded to the episode. Crabtree said the university is considering legal action against Salt Lake City police and Jeff Payne, the detective who arrested Wubbels.

“His actions were out of line,” Crabtree said of Payne. “There’s absolutely no tolerance for that kind of behavior in our hospital.” On July 26, Payne wanted Wubbels to draw the blood of 43-year-old William Gray, who was unconscious after being involved in a fiery crash earlier in the day. Wubbels refused, citing hospital policy against drawing the blood of someone without that person’s consent or without a warrant for arrest. The bodycam video showed Payne shouting at Wubbels and handcuffing and arresting her on suspicion of obstruction of justice. Police released her after about 20 minutes.

from https://thecrimereport.org