London Creating Court Center for Economic Crimes

City plans a state-of-the-art building that will include 18 courtrooms focusing on economic crimes, including cyber crime and fraud cases.

A new flagship court to tackle cyber crime and fraud in the London financial sector is to open in the city of London, reports A state-of-the-art building in Fleet Street will house 18 courtrooms and mainly focus on economic crime, as well as containing brand new civil, mayoral, county and magistrate’s courts. The center will replace all of the city’s current court services except for Old Bailey. Justice minister Dominic Raab called it a “terrific advert for post-Brexit Britain”.

The City of London Corporation said the court will “help cement the City’s position as a preeminent legal cluster and the leading global financial centre.” Funding options will be explored early next year. Catherine McGuinness, policy chairman at the City of London Corporation, said, “Our legal system has been an example to the rest of the world.”