Baltimore, Trump’s Bullseye, Is Left Out of Crime Program

The president used the Maryland city as an example of a crime dystopia while campaigning, but it was not among 12 cities selected for a new federal program to help local cops.

Baltimore, which President Trump used as an example of the country’s “out of control” crime while campaigning, was not among 12 cities chosen for a new Justice Department initiative to help local law enforcement, reports the Baltimore Sun. Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled the program, the National Public Safety Partnership, this week. It will work with cities including Buffalo, Cincinnati and Houston.

Why Baltimore — a city frequently held out by Trump an example of a place that needs help tackling crime — wasn’t included in the program is not clear. A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment on why the city wasn’t selected, or whether the consent decree recently finalized between the department and the city played a role in the decision. Justice Department spokesman Ian D. Prior said cities were chosen for the new program through a process that “considers both quantitative and qualitative measures.” Participating cities, he said, “must have levels of violence that far exceed the national average” and must also “demonstrate a commitment to reducing violent crime and be ready to receive the intensive training and technical assistance available.”